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Thread: Intrepid 8x10 Camera

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 Camera

    Intrepid should be shipping at the end of September to end of October for the Kickstarter group, I believe. So I am sure there will be a lot of experiences posted around that time. It will be interesting to see how many new owners are experienced with 5x4 or larger.

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 Camera

    Well, I guess I've found my next 8x10! I just need to fill the piggy bank first.....

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    Tim Sandstrom
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 Camera

    jonesing... I've 8x10 film, holders and lenses stacking up like cordwood around here...
    if these don't start shipping soon, I'm gonna have to start buying more lodima and amidol....

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 Camera

    They posted an update today 9/30 on the Kickstarter page, from which it sounds like the earliest they will ship will be mid October (or later).
    I'm still very interested to hear about the camera from an actual user rather than the company itself.

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 Camera

    At 1/3 of what my Ansco view weighs, half the thickness when folded, and as cheap as it is, it will have to be pretty bad before I'm unhappy. :-) I would have liked to have back swings, but I will live without them.

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