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Thread: Prescott Area?

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    Re: Prescott Area?

    Some of the best red rock views are visible from the Enchantment resort. Tight security, guests only, you can't get in - UNLESS you call ahead and make a lunch reservation. As long as you have a reservation they'll check your name and wave you through. And there are good shots from the restaurant's outdoor balcony.

    And they'll check that you actually turn up at the restaurant within a few minutes of driving in - some of their accommodations go for $1500 or so a night and some guests stay for a long time.

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    Re: Prescott Area?

    If you can make it in the afternoon, the following places have nice sunset views:

    1. Jerome: the Grand Hotel

    Coming from Prescott on highway 89 (might be 89A) going north, you will turn left on a narrow road that parallels 89/89A as you come into Jerome. Drive all of the way to the end of this narrow road, and you will see the hotel. Stay for dinner at the Asylum restaurant in the hotel; great food and views.

    2. Sedona: Upper Red Rock Loop Road

    the 2 better ways to get to Sedona-

    highway 89/89A into Cottonwood. Then turn right onto highway 89A and drive straight to Sedona.

    highway 69 which turns into 169 and on to I-17 north, get off at Exit 287 and turn left onto highway 260. Drive 260 into Cottonwood, then turn right onto highway 89A and drive straight to Sedona.

    Both routes take about the same time. You arrive from the west into Sedona. At the Red Rock High School on the right, you will see a traffic light. Turn right at the traffic light, that is upper red rock loop road. Several scenic views from that road, especially at sunset when the setting sun paints the rocks even redder/warmer.

    Note that Google or Apple maps might tell you to drive I-17 north to Highway 179. You have to drive through several roundabouts to get to Sedona that way. And during tourist season (which is right now, especially on the weekends) 179 is very crowded with folks driving up from Phoenix. Only reason to come that way is to photograph Cathedral Rock from Baby Bell Rock, and that is only a good photo at sunset or on a cloudy day.

    +1 on Enchantment Resort like Jim says. Again, really pretty afternoon/evening views if you sit in the restaurants or go up on the roof after eating.

    Hope this helps.


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