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Thread: World Wet Plate Day

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    World Wet Plate Day

    In honor of World Wet Plate day I am sharing two images made by a good friend and talented wet plate artist Monty McCutchen, aka Zebra.

    Monty is teaching a two week course at the prestigious Penlend School of Crafts in North Carolina
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Countie.jpg   Sachel.jpg  

    Real photographs are born wet !

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    Re: World Wet Plate Day

    My little contribution to today's World Wet Plate Day, done with a Voigtlander Euryscop Series IV No. 4, wide open at f/6 on a 6x8-inch plate...

    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: World Wet Plate Day

    That's a great one.

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