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Thread: The Parks are ruined

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    The Parks are ruined

    Jason, I also think you are naive if you thought you would pop into Yosemite Valley on any given day that was convenient for you and have an Ansel Adams moment. You're lucky if some little skin head didn't tag the side of the car with spray paint while you were being reflective and serene. Problem number 1 is there are too many people on earth. Problem number 2 is there's no workable solution to problem number 1. #3 it's getting worse each minute. #4 is we are all depraved.

    The fact that there's a park at all is a small miracle.

    Sorry about your tripod.
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot, 1949

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    The Parks are ruined

    It's interesting but without the Natl Parks there would be no national anything. Most rangers I've met and I've met 100's have been very nice. I agree that most everything should be taken out of the Parks but not the roads. How are the old, crippled, blind, yes the blind love Natl Parks too, and myriad others who can't walk around much. What about them? Aren't they just as important as the young and strong? Congress put 100's of 1000's of acres of deserts and mountains off limits to everyone except those who own horses or can walk a 100 miles. I thought that was unfair to all those like myself who can no longer do 50 miles with a large pack on their backs. They put the desert off limits to all those who are law abiding but don't have the manpower to police against the very individuals who still go out there and trash it. Nothing has happened in Yosemite except a little damage from people's feet. The roads that are there have been there longer than any of us have been alive. I'm sorry you were so inconvenienced by all of those people who came to enjoy the park "WITH" you. Those parks are for everyone. I go in the fall/winter/early spring and it's pretty empty. The reason we as a society have what we have as far as an ecological ethic is precisely because we have a Yosemite/Blue Ridge/Garnd Canyon National Park system. Those parks and all the others have given us something to cherish and that spills over to the rest of the land. I have a good suggestion for you. Why don't you stop going to the Natl Parks so there is one less person there when I go.

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    The Parks are ruined

    It would seem that many people on here just don't realise how lucky they are. The USA is one of the most under-populated countries in the Western world (average 31/Km2), and in the rural states far lower (Arizona 17, Nevada 7, Wyoming 2 etc). Compare that with England's 377/Km2, Germany's 242 or Italy's 197! I'm sure it's still possible to find a piece of unspoilt wilderness if one is prepared to move away from the popular spots. Bill Bryson, in his book "A Walk in the Woods" about the Appalachian Trail describes how easy it is to get away from the masses, and in Maine there's the 100 mile wilderness where walkers can be 5 days away from the nearest settlement, try doing that in England!

    If you still think the USA is crowded, how about travelling further North to Canada (density 3.5/Km2)? There are parts of Nunavut (0.01/Km2!) where you are hundreds of Kilometres away from another person, now that's wilderness

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    The Parks are ruined

    you call 300 times more populated than Nunavut "lucky"? I agree it could be worse, and it will be. That doesnt make it good. I'm looking forward to my trip to NWT this summer.

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    Dave Karp
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    The Parks are ruined

    Having been to Yosemite many times in the past few years, I find it beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. This is true of the valley, and the high country. Without fail, I have been able to find wonderful areas of solitude and beauty, even in the valley, and even during the height of the tourist season. Just go where the people are not. (They are mostly crowded at the popular locations. There are a lot of other things to see there.) Most park personnel have been helpful and kind. Sorry you had a bad experience. I am going back in July, and hope to go back again in the winter.

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