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Thread: how to pack smart for on location work????

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    Re: how to pack smart for on location work????

    My fantasy outfit would be a frame pack...where the frame doubles as a tripod, and the camera is mounted to this, ready to go, just behind my that when I see in interesting composition,
    Haha! Yes. I have been thinking about this for years. I even did a little work on a prototype with the "third leg" as a detachable walking stick, but didn't have the time to follow through and gave up.

    at age 68
    "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep"

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    Re: how to pack smart for on location work????

    Subject has come up a few times on this board in the past. In the field as an old guy am way more hard core than others haha.

    Somewhat dated gear image from 2006 because since 2014 most of my work is now fully digital, focus stacked multi column row stitch blended.

    But still take the view camera and above linked equipment out on day hiking work that can only be captured with a single exposure, For instance seascapes and other subjects where elements are in considerable motion. Have never thought dedicated "photo" backpacks would ever have a place in my world. Way too heavy with excessive amounts of unnecessary padding. Like I never plan to toss my gear off cliffs but am otherwise not particularly gentle. When lugging gear uphill and or over difficult areas off trails, one is always keen to customize exactly what is carried to the nature of the target subject. That is not a large format view camera strategy but rather universal for those who lug any camera systems out to such destinations.

    And yeah as a peon now retired from career hi tech work, I still backpack into disgustingly difficult places but now with the digital system.


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    Re: how to pack smart for on location work????

    I was out this morning with my 4x5. Planned to be less than half mile from my vehicle with what was needed. A few years ago I found a LowePro camera backpack on craigslist. It was intended for smaller format cameras, but turns out my 4x5 kit fits perfectly. A fabric grocery bag carries several film holders and a few other small items. The small camera backpack carries the 4x5 kit weight surprisingly well.

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