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Thread: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    Quote Originally Posted by asf View Post
    That Linhof is fantastic but it can only tilt in one direction, you'd need 2 for a C1
    Could you please clarify, as I found it useful on my Deardorff V8 and Korona 8x20, but did not have it when I had the C1.

    Are you suggesting that it is needed for leveling, or?

    Thanks for any additional insight.

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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    Yes for leveling

    One can always level with the tripod instead but it's generally more convenient with a flatbed to have a 2 or 3 way head

    The Linhof rail cameras that match that head have round rails and can be leveled at the rail clamp.

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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    Quote Originally Posted by asf View Post
    I see, nice, triple extension telescoping
    The g509 has 5 extensions (2 extra leg sections)
    Well seen!
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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    The A250-2 will More than support your Calumet.

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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    I have recently been using a KPS T5D as a geared replacement for my Arca Swiss B1. So far it has been working well, although I have not put it through its paces with very heavy cameras (these days the largest format I shoot is 5x7). It's spec'd load capacity is 88 pounds. I preferred the KPS to the Arca cube due to its fully enclosed design (didn't want to deal with grit getting into the Cube). I have the screw knob version but they have a clamped version as well. The KPS is expensive but less so than the Cube.

    Here are a couple reviews from the web, albeit with much lighter cameras:


    The ball diameter is smaller than that of the Arca B1, so I'm not sure how stable it would be with your Calumet. The dealer apparently has a loaner unit available in case you would like to test it:

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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pawlowski6132 View Post
    ... I would like, obviously to have a geared head but...
    Look for a used Cambo SCH 3-D Gearhead.
    It will 'Easily' support your Calumet 8x10 Camera and is...
    Also, definitely compatible -- With your Bogen/Manfrotto Tripod (3/8" Camera Mount).


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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    I have a black calumet c-1 that I use in the field. It's around 18 pounds and I have two lenses in #3 shutters. It is heavier that other cameras - but only by a couple of pound more that a Kodak Masterview. I use a Gitzo PL5 head on Gitzo series 4 giant legs. Ok its a heavy rig to move around. You can spend thousands of dollars more to reduce the weight by only a few pounds. I used an old wood camera for quite a while - but it moved too easy in the field (wind) - creating camera movement on the negatives. The C-1 on an appropriate tripod is steady and sturdy. I don't pack it in very far - if I have to pack it in I use my 4x5.

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    Re: Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?

    So, I ended up getting the Manfrotto 400 and a Majestic.

    For those who haven't seen the Manfrotto in-person, it's super impressive.

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