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Thread: Marketing Photography as Business

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    Re: Marketing Photography as Business

    Please don't dismiss word of photo business, I think yours, plus many others, will get the majority of work through word of mouth. And keeping that word of mouth going is quite an art, taking as much time and effort as more standard forms of advertising. In the days before social media we called it networking and it worked along side direct mail, advertising, cold calls and portfolio shows.
    My old boss used to say 'Contact, Contacts, Contacts... it doesn't matter how you make them just go and make them!' The trick was then to keep and convert them!
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    Re: Marketing Photography as Business

    Well I would advise you to develop your site before anything else, and to create valuable content that you can share on social medias. The more valuable content you have, the more your site is likely to be found when people search for your activity in google. Before having content on your site, you still post a lot of pictures on your social medias, with links leading to your site so you can get a bit of traffic. Once you have a basic trafic, and created content, try to get backlinks from other to your site. Slowly but surely your site will move up in google rankings. After that an organic traffic should naturally come when people search for your activity in your region...

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    Re: Marketing Photography as Business

    35 years of selling my services as an architectural photographer, only one slogan i had to repeat to myself when commissions where slowing down "out of sight out of mind" this always got me on track.
    postcards, phone calls, and a few lunches.
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