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Thread: Inspiration from other Media

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    Re: Inspiration from other Media

    Probably the most beautiful classic b/w cinematography would be Woody Allen's Manhattan, shot by Gordon Willis. Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (cinematography by John Alcott) is another you should see. And, of course, we can all agree that the most inspiring movie of all time is Walt Disney's Peter Pan...

    That said, I tend to be more inspired by thoughts of an old girlfriend, something I've read, or a song on the radio. If anyone's photography is inspired only by other people's photography, (even be it cinematography), wider horizons are needed...
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    Re: Inspiration from other Media

    Memory, oddly enough. Recollecting what has been seen and remembered in the past kind of tweaks my imagination and let's me contemplate what is to become.
    Also music, as Mark Sawyer attests. The two tend to go together for me.
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