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Thread: same old tripod thread

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    Re: same old tripod thread

    I would be very wary of these fly-by-night Chinese manufacturers. Tolerances can be loose and materials unsound when there is no brand or reputation to maintain. Your tripod will hold gear that is very dear to your heart, and act as a vital support for your treasured photos. I would not skimp money here. There hasn't been many new advancements in tripod technology the past couple decades aside from carbon fiber; one can easily resell a quality tripod if they don't end up loving it.

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    Re: same old tripod thread

    Similar to above. I've looked at Amazon and saw that no one reviewed this product. That and the low price is bit of a flag. Furthermore, you are unable to go to brick/mortar place to check it personally (even used)....that's another flag. Some of the opinions that I saw mentioned as a Manfrotto-copy. Whether good or bad it totally your call.

    As quality video/film tripods go, here are some that are respectable in the field: Cartoni, Sachtler, Libec, OConnor and only few others. I'm unable to make a full assessment of the more reasonably priced ones, but they could wiggle more than one desire, despite the indicated weight limit the tripod could be overwhelmed.

    Anyway, when something is too good to be true....comes to mind.


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    Re: same old tripod thread

    A used Gitzo Series 3 Systematic is a very good tripod.
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    Re: same old tripod thread

    In carbon fibre (CF), Feisol, Gitzo, Really Right Stuff (RSS), and FLM all have very good reputations. But if you go with CF, buy a model that you can hang a weight from. The reason many LF shooters use wooden tripods is that the added mass makes a much more stable platform that is resistant to wind-driven vibration. CF is light and strong but will move more under load unless weighted.

    If you choose wood, look at Ries or Berlebach, or buy a surveyors' tripod. All are plentiful on the 2nd-hand markets. Look at the classified ads here, to begin with.
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    Re: same old tripod thread

    i fell inlove with the berlebach. i am putting some money aside and buying a berlebach for around 350 euros inc shipping

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    Re: same old tripod thread

    I love my wooden tripod (Ries) and I think you'll like your Berlebach. Wood is wonderful.

    By the way, re video tripods for stills photography, I do both video and stills and have both kinds of tripods.

    Video tripods don't (normally) have adjustable center columns. And they're designed to be particularly stiff with regard to resisting "wind-up" - the tendency of tripods to twist when panning a video cam. If the tripod twists there will be a nasty rebound at the end of the pan, which you really don't want in your video. For stills, it doesn't much matter, so the extra structure is added cost/weight for not much benefit. Video tripods also typically have a half - ball leveling system so you can level the camera below the pan axis - again really important for video, not so much for stills.

    And top notch video tripods cost big bucks - many thousands of dollars for the really good ones, and that's without the fluid head.

    I have a Libec unit - it isn't the best but it's good enough for my needs and I do use it for my heavy LF cameras like my 8 x 10 Linhof.

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    Re: same old tripod thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Thalmees View Post
    Hello, ...
    But, with large format(specially mono-rails), the tripod weight(alone) is as important as any other feature in the tripod itself or in the tripod head.
    The tripod weight should exceed the standards adopted in the digital realm nowadays. Its very biased toward simplicity and mobility(lower size/weight) of the tripod in its self, not as an essential photo requirement.
    As an example, IMO, the tripod weight of Gitzo series 4 and RRS TVC-3x series(they are equivalent/4-5.5 Lbs without tripod head) or any equivalent tripod of any sort of material, is not enough to support a monorail camera(like Sinar 4X5, C2, with usual weight lens/10Lb with lens), UNLESS an extra weight is used hanged under the top plate.
    Even, if you added a 2Lb ballhead, the amount of friction needed(for gross camera adjustment) on the ball head is too high to be accommodated by a lower weight tripod for appropriate stability. The problem is exaggerated(truly not apparently) if you used a longer focal length lens.
    After you lock the main knob, the fine adjustments of the camera could be transferred easily to the tripod, if it is of lower weight.
    The difference in weight is not that much, if you decided to start with enough weight tripod.
    If you backpack, you may have to use a field camera in the first place, and accordingly the tripod weight can be lower. ...
    From Post# 21 :
    Hello bizarrius,
    A carbon fiber tripod of 2.3Kg/5Lb weight, is barely enough to support a camera of 4.5Kg/10Lb weight.
    Weight under the top plate is required.
    Of course, that also depends on how much legs are extended. For any tripod, if legs are just minimally extended, the tripod will be much more sturdier than if the legs are fully extended.
    For that particular tripod, extended, I can promise you, it will not collapse even if your camera is 40Kg/88Lb. But, at that high camera weight(88Lb), the tripod is not any more acting as a photographic tripod. It just functions as a mechanical support, and it will pass the test well.

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    Re: same old tripod thread

    I just want to confirm that 4x5 Cambos are surprisingly heavy. An SC-2 weighs 8.8 lbs, so does the 45SF. Not sure about the SC, but most likely also less than 9 lbs. The Master PC may be the heaviest at 16 lbs. An SCX should weigh around 15 lbs, the Ultima is 6 kg or 13.2 lbs and the Legend approximately the same. I believe the lightest are the SC, SC-2 and 45SF. All weights are without a lens and lens board.


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