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Thread: Art Appropriation

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    Re: Art Appropriation

    Quote Originally Posted by stawastawa View Post
    If you 'modify' it to create your art and a different message, then you are making something new.
    This definition does not meet the fair use test. In order to pass, the work must meet all 4 criteria. Be prepared to be dragged into court, otherwise.
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    Re: Art Appropriation

    Fish are made out of meat.

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    Re: Art Appropriation

    Quote Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
    Where you hold yourself out as an "appropriation artist", you would perhaps expect something like this since it is evidence of intent.
    The recent Koons case is a fairly obvious and direct representation of the original photograph in another medium. It would be hard to object to the finding of a copyright violation in this case without objecting to copyright law in principle. And frankly, although this particular representation is nowhere near as grossly disfiguring as Koon's other rip-offs, I don't think that I would object if the French added a Koons specific fine for art desecration, too.

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    Re: Art Appropriation

    Someone who's work was "appropriated" by Koons should have reproduced Koons' gallery version, scrawled "F**k Jeff Koons" across his text, and sold them on the sidewalk outside the gallery at the opening...
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    Re: Art Appropriation

    Quote Originally Posted by jnanian View Post
    its kind of funny selling someone else's instagram photo for 90,000$
    It's a kind of genius! Not artistic...but sales and marketing genius. I looked up his net worth, google came up with a figure of $100 million. I think Koons originally was a stockbroker? I watched a documentary on him years ago, my memories are a bit vague.

    I found it amusing that he saw his wife in a top shelf mag at an Italian petrol station (just had to meet her having seen her - her beauty transcended pornography it seems), but later got fed up with her when she offered to sleep with Saddam Hussein to prevent a war in Iraq. The vicissitudes of the artistic life


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