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Thread: Firefox security warning

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    Re: Firefox security warning

    The Firefox ESR release has not received this automation yet. But the web is moving towards encryption for whole sites, not just credential pages.

    [I had one of my users flag a site for me at work yesterday because of this - the login page was unsecured, and used an iframe for the https link to the login page. It was flagged correctly, but confused the user, as they have used this site previously. I reached out to the site owner and it will probably be adjusted.]

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    Re: Firefox security warning

    Quote Originally Posted by Sal Santamaura View Post
    I suspect it's related to a topic(s) this site doesn't permit discussion of, but don't want to go there...

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    Re: Firefox security warning

    Quote Originally Posted by Chance2 View Post
    I suspect it's related to a topic(s) this site doesn't permit discussion of, but don't want to go there...
    OK, thanks for prompting me to do some research. I had no idea there was any controversy about Mozilla on that topic.

    Firefox has been my primary browser for years. Although Edge, which came with my Windows 10 machine, is a great improvement over Explorer, Firefox is still much quicker and renders pages in a way more to my liking. Knowing what you motivated me to find out about Mozilla only reinforces what a good choice Firefox is. I suggest anyone who hasn't tried it download the latest version and find out for themselves.

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    Re: Firefox security warning

    The SSL thing has been creeping up on us for a while, but we'll probably go the SSL route at some point in the next 6 months, give or take. It's just that a trusted certificate costs money & since we're non-commercial & don't sell anything thru the site itself, we'll have to find a certificate authority at the best price to satisfy our needs & commit to a new recurring maintenance expense to renew SSL certificate (they all expire at some point) when needed.

    Until then, if you're concerned about security here (and you should be concerned about security everywhere on the 'net), we strongly recommend using a different, strong password here than on any other site. A password manager like LastPass, 1Password, etc. makes this a easier.

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    Re: Firefox security warning

    The only serious potential I can see would be if someone got the password for a little-used account, changed it to an email accessible to them and then bought items. There's a potential for fraud, I'm not sure how serious. I don't mind Firefox trying to let folks know about this sort of thing; a lot of people don't give security a second thought.

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