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Thread: New to Digital Printing

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    New to Digital Printing

    On the digital side, I have a Fuji X-E2 and 18-55mm lens. They produce images which are 4406p x 2937p. At 300ppi, that results in a maximum print size of 14.68" x 9.79". I can print larger if I reduce printer resolution or if I "up-rez" the image, both of which, as I understand it, reduce quality. Am I missing something?

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    Re: New to Digital Printing

    You can make a larger print if you lower the image file resolution, not the printer resolution. You should keep the printer printing at a high resolution. If you want to make larger prints I would recommend that you make tests at different resolutions going as low as 180 ppi. You may not see much difference without using a magnifier. Especially if you print on fine art paper as opposed to glossy photo paper.

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