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Thread: Continuous Lighting

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    Re: Continuous Lighting

    I went with couple of lights that go for $180 each + one unit that's battery operated, which I can use as a "hair light" or light things up (in a sweep) in the field. Just go to B&H and you can camp there for some time....there is 19 pages of video lights (most are LED's) and determine to the size and output that you desire. The best part is that they produce v. little heat.

    If I want to blitz things out, I have a (omni directional) movie light from the 70's (650W) have to squint when you are looking away from it. Good luck.


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    Re: Continuous Lighting

    Quote Originally Posted by kcombublate View Post
    Hey, thanks for the reply. Do you use the 120V or 230V bulbs? Where do you purchase your bulbs, any brand recommendations?
    We're on 120v system.

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    Re: Continuous Lighting

    Quote Originally Posted by kcombublate View Post
    Hey, I am indeed using a 230V, specifically the Ushio JCD Lamp (300W/230V). Sad, it lasted last then an hour during my first use, wasting close roc 30usd.

    Do you have any recommendations on where to purchase bulbs?

    That is a terrible lamp life! You should be seeing quite a bit more than that. Did you touch the envelope (glass) while installing the lamp with your bare hands? If so, the oils on your skin can cause the envelope to heat unevenly and fail much sooner than it otherwise would.

    I have an omni and there just isn't room to not touch the glass when installing, so I would either wear clean gloves when installing the lamp, or wipe it down with an alcohol wipe after installing it. That should help out.

    If you did all that or DIDN'T touch the glass I would as for a return as that sounds like a defective lamp.

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    Re: Continuous Lighting

    Quote Originally Posted by kcombublate View Post
    I would definitely consider LED. Any recommendations in terms of affordability, and lights to use for still life photography (hard lights, Long shadows, etc.)?
    Depending on your budget, this video might be helpful:

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