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Thread: The Path Not Taken

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    Re: The Path Not Taken

    It's also nice to collect memories. You find yourself using them all the time, and rather than leaving behind a mess for your heirs to deal with, you take them with you to the grave...
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: The Path Not Taken

    The executor of my will is also an Estate seller.

    He will convert whatever, to cash for my grandchildren.

    I will be cremated without ceremony of any kind, as cheaply as possible and no one may retain my ashes. They are to be disposed of asap.

    Earth is earth.

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    Re: The Path Not Taken

    It'd be fun to collect a number of kinds of things for the sheer joy of the clever and well thought out designs and construction---Rollei comes to mind.
    I know a camera collector who doesn't take pictures that I can tell. That's not me.
    I try to keep it to things I will use.
    I also try to keep in mind that photography is a hobby and that I have other things vying for my time, like my kids, who, so far aren't into photography and that I'm rapidly running out of time with them as kids living at home.
    There are a bunch of lenses I've heard about and would like to try. I really need to finish restoring a light field camera with limited movements in 8x10, build or buy an appropriate tripod and see if I could live with just that and contact printing. Increasingly 5x7 is too small. I'd like to have an 8x10 rig for the Sinar and maybe make some odd formats for it for studio/close to car (panoramic, ULF, WP etc). I sometimes think my ideal field camera would be a whole plate, but that's a whole bunch more gear for not so much loss in size/weight v. certain 8x10s. I figure to make my own film eventually so the weird size of whole plate doesn't frighten me as much as it probably should.
    I also recently located a ULF copy camera that the owners would love to be rid of...I might try to talk them into letting me use it in I have no place to put it.
    To sum up, I have way too much photo gear and supplies for what I'm likely to have time for the next 2-5 years and yet, if someone donates a Rolleiflex to me, I won't say no...

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    Re: The Path Not Taken

    life is too short to hoard things, especially cameras. I think many collectors see it as their own unique 'business' investment and A bit of false superiority in that I have something that you don't. I don't see how a camera that you haven't used and bonded with and shared experiences with could be valuable beyond it's $ rating. Gotta go make a glass display case for my holga 120.

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    Re: The Path Not Taken

    There is a place in the photo world for all of us.

    I belong to a loose group of camera guys that includes nearly all of types described in this thread. They range from very active LF landscape shooters to digital artsy photography to alternative process with antique cameras restored to working condition by the p;ghotographer. Several only buy (and keep) really niced photographica. One or two know everything about Leica or Hasselblad. We suspect that some may never have actually taken a picture.

    This is the Texas Photographic Collectors Association (TPCA). Everyone is welcome to drop in t every second Saturday at Professional Camera Repair at 10AM for Coffee Carbohydrates and Camera talk.

    Professional Camera Repair
    4410 Richmond
    Houston Texas
    Drew Bedo

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