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Thread: New Adox Factory

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    Re: New Adox Factory

    I see it's got a vintage Porsche according to the drawings in the original post. That's great.

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    Re: New Adox Factory

    That's the $60.000 of the $1.060.000 budget

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    Re: New Adox Factory


    Bad Saarow is just around the corner, no google maps neccessary.
    I have read your link, I have read the german announcements, and meanwhile I have read the apug thread, where Mr. Bödecker himself explains not to produce film in B.S. at this time, and in next future.

    Chassis, I'm no expert in german laws, but I swear from own experience that is very difficult to found a company here.
    For example, a friend of me only wanted to build a big doctor's house as a Professor doctor himself, a house which is absolutely necessary here, but it took more than two years for giving free the shovel after reaching in the concept.

    If you want to handle chemicals things get a totally new dimension.
    And producing chemicals will be unable, if you are not a producer of chemicals since decades.
    This is only the gouvernments side; people with long experience in producing from emulsion to the final product told me about the difficulties of this high technology process.

    Whe are aware of the time to time quality problems of Foma , a small company with 300 workers, decades of experience. Ok, and machines out of the sixties, of course.
    Now imagine running a new thing.

    Years ago I drove a tiny machine with a length of 15 meters, and I only produced printed paper out of big rolls of paper. This was something, in spite of missing any emulsion.
    It took half a year to understand some important things like expanding and later contracting of the material, and another half year to reach V max.

    The best formula and the really best machines are nothing - you have to know how to run this machines.

    So I lay down and wish all the best :-)


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    Re: New Adox Factory

    I'll just settle for the "tubby" and will skip the 35mm film :>)


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    Re: New Adox Factory

    Dirk and Ritchie

    Thank you for your comments.

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