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Thread: Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?

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    Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?

    I've got a copal 1 shutter stuck in a board because the flange is too tight. I'm applying gentle, even torsion with my right (dominant) hand going counter clockwise, and it's just not coming out. I figure it might have shifted or tightened over the past year in that board. Any tips or tricks for popping it out?

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    Re: Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?

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    Re: Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?

    Are you torquing the retaining ring at the back, or the shutter body itself.

    You can't torque the body if it's properly installed since the anti-rotation screw won't allow it to turn.

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    Re: Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?

    Do you have a flange or a retaining ring? A flange is screwed onto the lens board and the shutter is in turn screwed into it. A retaining ring is tightened onto the protruding shutter threads and tightens up against the lens board. Retaining rings are much more common.

    If you have a retaining ring, do get a wrench like the one linked to above or an adjustable spanner. Adjustable spanners are bigger and provide more leverage.

    If you are trying to unscrew the shutter body from a flange and it is too tight, you need to find a tool to give you more levarage. A strap wrench is the usual tool for this



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    Re: Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?


    You can tell which hand is the lwft hand by holdiong both hands out at arms-length with the palms facing away, with the finger tips pointing up and the fingers spread wide. The index finger and thumb of olne hand will approximate the shape of a capitol "L": THAT is the LEFT hand.

    Now make a loose fist with the RIGHT hand (the other hand) and extend the thumb in the directinn you want the part to be loosened to molve. In the case of the lens flange this will be away from the lens board. Notice that the curled fingers will show you the direction to turn the flange to loosen it (turning to the left). This is often described as "colunter-clockwisee", but today, many cannot use an analog clock dial.
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