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    Printing services that do not care about distance or ...

    Let me officially introduce myself: Roman Uzhakin. I have been making photo prints on professional basis for a tad bit freaking long in my life – something like 14 years. My main sphere of ebullient activity js advert making in all of its utter diversity. However, having true crush on art prints, I eventually grabbed Epson 7900 and lived with it happily ever after for 6 years.

    Fighting this war, I extorted tens of cartridges and kilometers (sorry, miles) of paper and cardboard, drowned in glue, wrapped self into mummy with stretch-tape and... do not intend to stop.

    Beside printing private photos I have made printing, knurling & hanging services for ten and a half photographic exhibitions, some of them turned out to be international. Unfortunately, I have little chance to follow this path in Russia due to the fact that most of the exhib-market here is occupied by printer dealers (cool guys) and companies selling cheap cheesy prints (ugly people). All this proved that price damping could not be overthrown with individual professionalism. Well, at least not this time, poor Roman.

    Apparently, there is not much hype for art prints. Most people wasted their photos by printing in 6x8 or 8x10 inch happily dived into social networks, where their needs were outmatched by 1280 pixels long side.

    I adore printing and do not intend to say goodbye to my beloved profession only due to the fact that 90% of nation lost sense of beauty.

    Let's get straight to the point – you see this post because I started to get international orders more and more often. Most of my new clients explain their photo trips to Moscow (combined with business usually) with straight confession that printing services in US, Europe and even Latin America does not make them feel happy in terms of quality and price. So sad.

    What do I offer to the World? Top-notch printing using high to highest quality paper using original supplies for quite a delicate price. I could boast that compared to quality my prints show 2-3 times price benefit even if you add shipping fare. Being truly honest I could tell that have not much commercial shipping experience, but hope that this won't be a bullet to the knee of our warm relationship.

    I perfectly understand that internet-business is purely based on trust and thanks to this I offer a free of charge fine art print (shipment is at your expense) with max dimensions 12x16 inch (This offer applies to first 3 of those who desire (per month) and valid only for Epson paper. Yeah, call me - mr. Generous, limited edition). If you want a color photo it should have truly vivid colors, if bw – a good bunch of tonal transitions. In case your monitor is not perfectly calibrated, I will not hide this fact from you.

    So, now for technical details:

    Printer: Epson 7900 (max width 24 inch, 10 colors, where 3 of them include – shades of black, orange and green).

    Color space: Adobe RGB, 16 bit.

    Monitors: Dell 3417w & Dell2410U (calibrated, of course)

    Paper: Epson, Hahnemulle, Ifa (every five rolls paper undertakes calibration) – If I do not have the kind you want – tell me and I may try to get, perhaps only because of you.

    Well, last but I hope not too late – reasons why you may want my prints:

    1. No quality dispersion.

    2. Vast paper choice – from mediocre to best, including my personal favorite – archival acid-free paper.

    3. Maximum quality level that could be achieved by plotters and optical printing.

    Let me draw this one in more detail:

    - color photos, printed with the help of properly calibrated plotter, are to the greatest degree close to the bright and vivid digital images. Most important feature of quality printing is the balance of colors, which keeps image intact. Apparently monitor gives more punch as it emits light, while paper reflects it. If printed image shows color deviation (subtle tones, lack of some of the colors and etc.), it means that machine is not properly tuned, supplies are cheap and provide for no good result (continuous ink system most of the time) and so on. If you had made a comparative test you would have been thrilled by the percent of printing shops that sell retrogressive prints.

    - black and white photos are brought to paper life without any parasite coloring as monochrome images (well, paper has some inherent tone, but that's the end of it). To make them look more sexy you could overlay one or several color tones – that will look exactly like image toning (sepia, coffee and etc).

    For certain, proper calibration of your monitor has huge significance. There is no doubt, everyone has personal taste and in spite of this I take into account natural characteristics of photographed objects – yeah, like green faces in midday sun. That's why I always tell my client about color shifts (these deviations I catch almost without a miss) and propose a correction. Not to forget to mention that this service is included in price.

    4. Uniformity of result: you could have dozens of identical photos.

    5. High degree of responsibility. I am perfectionist (sick) and do not spend time wasting paper: I live for great images and value my reputation.

    I am perfectly aware of the fact that this forum has tons of people who swear by optical printing. That's cool. But when it's time for digital print I am here to help your image climb on the wall. The translation Is over, I can have my beer. Hooray!

    All questions can be set both by mail and in P.M.

    reviews of my print quality, you can read here:
    There is a feedback from the Russian and the Americans
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