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Thread: Windows XP and PS 7.0 and 2GB file size limit

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    Windows XP and PS 7.0 and 2GB file size limit

    I had my 4x5" transparecies scanned on a drum scanner at about 4,000dpi. The file size in the photoshop format was about 1.5GB. Then I doubled the background layer because I needed some overlay effect to improve colors. The file size went over 2GB to about 2.3GB. I saved the file (it took a while). Now I cannot open my photos because they are too large (PS refuses to do so). What should I do now? I can reedit all the photos and avoid this mistake but I would prefere something smarter. I only assume that the problem is the file size. What happens is that instead of opening the file, Photoshop opens the "new file" window and offers me to create a new image with the same name as the file that went over 2GB. I only have this problem with the over 2GB files.

    It is really cool to enjoy the digital era. The only problem is that I have problems to edit my photos because Windows and Photoshop only support 2GB per application. Operations such as cropping or conversion RGB -> Lab take 10 minutes.

    My system is Windows XP, PS 7.0, 2GB RAM, AMD Athlon 64.

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    Windows XP and PS 7.0 and 2GB file size limit

    There is a way around this, which has been discussed recently on this forum if my recollection serves well.

    The trick is to make a downsized version of the image, and perform your transformations in layers. Later, you can apply those same transformations to a larger version. The exact details escape me, but someone else will provide them.

    Keep in mind that a high-res output requires 360 dpi, so your 4000 dpi file represents an image printed at a size of around 40 x 50 inches. Perhaps you don't need to scan at that rate: the grain becomes visible at less. But that's another matter to consider.

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    Windows XP and PS 7.0 and 2GB file size limit

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    Windows XP and PS 7.0 and 2GB file size limit

    I haven't ypgraded yet but I believe the CS2 upgrade has no such file size restrictions.

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