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Thread: "Primal Images" by Jerry Burchfield

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    "Primal Images" by Jerry Burchfield

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum but I think I can get my question answered here. I recently got the above book and the images in it are wonderful. Burchfield indicated that he puts plants on out of date B&W paper in the sun and creates what appears to me to be photograms. The images all have somewhat brown tones but he does not indicate that the prints are ever chemically fixed. Does anyone have an idea how he makes prints having the colors in the book? I could not find an address where I could reach Burchfield to ask him my questions directly.

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    "Primal Images" by Jerry Burchfield

    Is he making "Sun prints"? That is what it sounds like to me. sells the sun print kits to make prints like that. I could be wrong thought, because their is a thousand different processes that he could be doing and I am not familiar with his work.

    Best of luck to you!


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