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Thread: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

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    "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    I think the Pocket Spot is a neat little gadget but I have to wonder about the engineering capability and future viability of a company that can't create a link on a website properly.

    Yes. It places them squarely in the realm of Contax, and look what's happened to them.

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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    The makers had some difficulty getting new parts to their specifications. According to their blog they are again in production and expect to clear up the wait list as they can. Remember that these are two fine engineers with full time jobs who make these fine meters as they can.
    I have one as well as a Pentax Digital Spot and three other meters. I would not be without it.

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    Eric Woodbury
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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    The design of light meters and websites is not related. Be thankful of that. Our little company produced MetroLuxs for over 25 years. And we did it without a website.

    Jim is right. I work on designing digital IR cameras all day and then I go home to light meters and my kids' homework and the day to day that we all have.

    Sorry for the delay.
    my picture blog

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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    I managed to snag a Pocket spot and I don't leave home without it.
    And I found the folks a metered light to be stand up people.(That's good)

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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    This appears to be a working web site for this item:
    Wally Brooks

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    Any Fool Can Shoot Digital!
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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    I have three meters and the pocket spot is the one I use the most. Small, light, and does the job. Great example of a tool designed to be used without adding extras that you rarely need.

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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    Well, I placed one on order, so look forward to a comparison with my Pentax meters. But as far as testing with gray cards and reflection step tablets is concerned, I have my suspicions, because when I needed a truly neutral gray card,
    I had to spend several days with a spectrophotometer mixing a paint which was
    18% (plus or minus 1/2%) all the way from IR clear into UV. Unfortunatey, this
    special paint is all now dried up, and I'm in no mood to mix it again (no standard
    paint machine is sufficiently precise). Macbeath color checker cards are a good
    second choice; but nothing beats simply going out in the field and learning from
    practical experience. I don't expect any issues with black-and-white film, but there
    might or might not be minor modifications with color trans procedure. The small
    size of the meter intrigues me. I turn sixty this week, and since I ordinarily carry
    about a 75 pack for even a four day trip with the 4x5, I really can't imagine going
    back to 85 or 90 lb packs for the longer trips. In fact, I'd really like to get down to
    65 lbs or so. This gadget will save only a few ounces, but cumulatively I am rethinking a lot of gear to get the weight down, at least for midsummer. In the fall
    I always pack heavier due to greater risk of serious storms.

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    Re: "Pocket Spot" Light meter....any comments?

    It's a very cool little meter, and designed and built well.

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