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Thread: New ULF Owner Checking In

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    Re: New ULF Owner Checking In

    I am traveling right now relative to posting an image of the box design.

    Visualize a wooden plate that screws on to the bottom of the camera with a back edge that pushes against the base of the back of the camera bed. on the bottom of the wooden plate there are four pieces of square wood assembled in a box that fits over the 6x6" Ries tripod head with a receiving screw in the bed in the center of the 6x6" box to receive the tripod head screw to tighten down. The bed stays on the camera and goes over the head and the net effect is it prevents inadvertent twist when inserting film holders. I will post a pic when I return from my travels.

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    Re: New ULF Owner Checking In

    Burke & James offered a wooden "Portable Studio Stand". It was a very rugged and very good wooden tripod with a large tilt-top head. Had one and used it with my B&J 11x14 for years. Honestly 95% as good as a Ries at a fraction of the price. George Tice used same tripod and loved it. Best thing is that it can be now had at bargain prices.

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