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Thread: Best 12-24" cable release?

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    I've had a number of problems with cable releases, mostly the cheap ones with vynil housing but also a pretty nice cloth wrapped one I used for a while. The usual problem is the housing pulls away from the shutter end, but other troubles include cable binding and fumbly locks that don't stay put, or worse, lock when they shouldn't.

    Surely somebody has figured this out by now, I just haven't found one in any of the pro shops I've been to in LA. I do a lot of timed exposures that need to be nailed just right so I don't mind paying top dollar for something that works.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    I had a Calumet shutter release cable. Same thing, the end pulled away from the housing.

    I found some short 8" cables with the cloth wrapping for $1 each, and I picked up several. If I need a little more length, I have the same thing, about an 8" extender that I add to one of these cables.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    I've had very good luck with Gepes. YMMV.
    I steal time at 1/125th of a second, so I don't consider my photography to be Fine Art as much as it is petty larceny.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    I' ve been using a Nikon cable release for 20-25 years. Still looks new.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    The absolute very best I have ever seen was the Hasselblad release of about twenty years ago. Black vinyl. Smooth action, even tied in a knot.

    Sadly, I don't believe they offer it any more.

    If you ever find one, grab it at any price.

    A bulky, but equally smooth customer is the genuine Degroff bulb. Accept no substitutes.

    While $80 may seem a bit steep, it does have one very endearing quality: when you squeeze it, it squeezes back.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    I tried several cheap brands and gave up on them. I now use cloth-covered, disk-locking 20" Gepes.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    I don't like the vinyl ones, as they get so stiff in the cold. I like the cheap cloth ones. The cheaper the better. If they don't have that annoying lock, that's good too. I have lots of them. One on every lens and when they wear out, they're gone and I'm on to the next one.
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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    One of my pet peeves is the disk locks (same problem as you - locking when I don't want them to lock; plus I can never remember what the locked position is so i have to play with that before taking my first exposure each time out). At the Large Format Photography Conference in Springfield last weekend I saw an Ebony cable release (cltoh wrapped) with no locking mechanism in the MPEX booth. I bought a couple for $25 each (I think about 6" long; they had other lengths). The seem to be decent qaulity so if they work out i will buy more.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?

    "timed exposures that need to be nailed just right"


    There is a lot more room for error in a time exposure over 1 second then in an exposure of 1/135th of a second.

    The longer the exposure the greater the room for error.

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    Best 12-24" cable release?


    Oops, 1/125

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