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Thread: Your Photographic Heroes...

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    Stephen N. Leek

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    Jacques Henri Lartigue may be my all-time favorite. Certainly though, there are others.

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    W. Eugene Smith
    Lewis Hine
    Walter Rosenblum
    Philip U.

    Sine scientia ars nihil est.

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    Quote Originally Posted by IanG View Post
    I'd forgotten Paul Hill, but his influence (too strong a word) in many ways came from what I was told about his approach to the landscape before I'd seen his work, which made me feel I was going in the right direction. I've known Paul for over 25 years now. Keith Arnatt is an interesting artist he was a visiting lecturer when I hid my MA.

    I missed Jem Southam from my list.

    Looks like we were posting at the same time and share the same influences. I forgot John Davies and Jem Southam. Paul Hill gave a talk at Derby on his Light peak/Dark peak work. John Blakemore was teaching at that time and John Davies came and gave a masterclass, good times! We can't forget Raymond Moore can we?

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    IN no particular order
    Richard Avedon
    Irving Penn
    Richard Misrach
    Joel Sternfeld
    Joel Meyerowitz
    Nicholas Nixon
    Emmet Gowin
    ALec Soth
    Paolo Pellegrin
    JAmes Natchwey
    Humberto Rivas
    Carlos Canovas
    Lee Friedlander
    Todd Hido
    Brigitte Lacombe
    Alec Soth

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    This question really got me thinking about my influences and how they affected my work, I also had to add my teachers.
    Carleton Watkins
    Eugene Atget
    Paul Strand
    Man Ray
    Herbert Bayer
    Irving Penn
    Edward Weston
    Bret Weston
    Ansel Adams
    Morley Baer
    Bernard Freemesser
    Phil Trager
    George Tice
    Richard Pare
    William Cliff
    Stephen Shore
    Lewis Baltz
    Edward Halberg
    Milton Halberstadt
    Ezra Stoller
    Peter Aaron
    Michael Burns

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    Re: Your Photographic Heroes...

    This thread is going to cause me to spend hours looking up many photographers I have never heard of, and many I have heard of but forgotten about.

    Two of my favorite locals:
    Austin Granger and Ken Lee. I am confident that if I was flipping through a stack of 8X10s and came across a print by either one, I would immediately know who took the photograph - that's the way it is when I come across any of their images here on the forum - I know it's theirs before looking left - and I always love the image.

    Alex Timmermans is another who's images just leave such an impression on me. After viewing one of his images I feel like I have watched a full length motion picture.

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