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Thread: Power House Mechanic - Tech information requested

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    Power House Mechanic - Tech information requested

    Can someone kindly enlighten me on the technical details of the camera / film / format used to take the picture
    "Power House Mechanic", but Lewis Hine :

    A search turns up details about the artistic highlights of the image, and there are many, but it would be interesting to know the camera, film used, format and lens. Web search failed to yield this information.



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    Re: Power House Mechanic - Tech information requested

    Not familiar with Mr. Hine but looks like he used a reflex camera of some kind. Graflex? The image perspective looks normal to me, or a little long. The format could be 5x7 (see last link), so this is what, a 210mm lens or so? Lots of images available, the following links were found after 10 minutes with Google.

    Here it mentions 5x7 glass negatives:

    It seems possible that the "5x7" reference may be a misnomer for half plate. Just a guess. I am a medium format and 4x5 guy.

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