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Thread: Status Update

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    Re: Status Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Tarbert View Post
    Hi Micheal, hope things are coming along fine , we don't get too many ice incidents here in perth, as your handle says if it aint .. don't fix it , but in this case it is broke so let's fix it
    Thanks, Gary. My legs are coming back, slowly but surely. Yesterday, my wife and I walked down to the first pond. Hands are another story. They don't seem to want to come back. I have some flexibility in the wrist and fingers, but the only sensation is a numb tingling. I was able to use my Nikon 750 the other day, but it's weird having to look to see when your finger is on the shutter release. I've become a real fan of DragonSpeak.
    Michael W. Graves
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    If it ain't broke....don't fix it!

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    Re: Status Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Graves View Post
    Haven't been much available lately. On Dec. 22, I slipped on the ice, fractured 2 vertebrae in my neck, separated another and suffered a spinal cord compression. I was fully paralyzed for a full hour and rushed into surgery at Albany Medical. Two weeks later...I have my legs back. Can't use hands much. I type 1 finger at a time. But I will be back. In the meantime, I will just follow along.
    sorry to hear it Michael, hope you mend up soon

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    Re: Status Update

    Hi Michael,

    That sounds like a nasty fall especially before Christmas (I know how that feels), but you certainly sound upbeat and that will be a great help if you can continue that outlook over the coming months.

    On the 18th December 2015 I broke several vertebrae, ribs, sternum, collarbone and other injuries and it does take time to get back up to speed where you can function with some independance.

    I still have issues and experience numbness which comes and goes in my fingers/hand and I'm still awaiting to see new specialists, so keep positive during your recovery as it could take some time.... it does sounds good that you're up and walking and trying to get some hands on with a camera.

    All the best and hopefully with everyday you will progress a little further.


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    Re: Status Update

    Hang in there Michael! "Endeavor to persevere"

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    Re: Status Update

    Michael, I hope and pray that your healing gives you 100% of your self before the injuries.
    Peter Collins

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