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Thread: How To Offer Different Print Sizes

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    How To Offer Different Print Sizes

    I have been thinking about this for some time and still haven't come up with a good solution hence the reason for asking what others do.

    The way in which my Wordpress website works is that I have to create a price list and assign it a gallery.

    The price list can almost be anything i choose for example;

    10 x 10 = w
    11 x 14 = x
    10 x 8 = Y
    16 x 10 = Z

    It's ok offering print sizes like above but what if the aspect ratio of the image does not fit into one of the above dimensions.
    Say an image was taken on a 35mm camera with an aspect ratio of 3:2 which isn't really going to fit properly onto a 10x8.
    And then there is the square format. I have had people in the past ordering a photograph which is in portrait format but they chose the 10x10 option.

    How do you find the best way to overcome this issue when offering prints via your website.

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    Re: How To Offer Different Print Sizes

    Look at

    In my pages (made before I retired) I presented sizes as 'floating in [... whatever of the sizes you offer ...]'. So the actual image would fit on the paper. Disallow perfect fits because printing with nobleed does not really make most people happy. For perfect fits, simply add 1/4" border.

    I think the funniest response I got was where a person asked how to handle a portrait image (say, 35mm aspect ratio) on 8x10. Uh, the software takes the longer side to fit the image, so the answer was "Just turn the paper upright."

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