This may be a bit 'off topic' but roll film gets used a lot in view cameras. So . . . I have reached an age where a certain amount of arthritis in my hands makes the loading of Nikor reels less than a piece of cake, so I am thinking of switching to what sounds like an easier system; either Jobo or Paterson. Jobo with their way of enlarging their tanks sounds a bit more versatile. I don't quite know how their 120 reels work (two rolls end to end?) and if so, if that is a good thing. Washing sounds easy with their $12.95 washer. I would very much appreciate advice/information on Jobo vs Paterson (or any other system). I should add I am not interested in machine/roller or whatever agitation so that is not a factor. I have pretty much standardized on PMK for whatever difference that might make. Thanks in advance for the help.