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Thread: Shooting Checklist

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    Re: Shooting Checklist

    Quote Originally Posted by loonatic45414 View Post
    I encourage everyone to have fun, only then can you really appreciate LF. I sincerely urge those getting started in film photography to pick up a good manual SLR & have fun.

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    Why stop there? I learned more about proper exposure using sub-35mm cameras with bare-bones features. For example, the Minox IIIc (exposure adjustment by the shutter speed and filters), the Minolta 16 II (exposure adjustment by the shutter speed and aperture), the Toko 17.5mm Tone (exposure adjustment by the shutter speed and aperture), the Olympus SLR Pen F (exposure adjustment by the shutter speed and aperture), etc. I could go on. All I had was the glorious f-16 rule to start, but I finally got the hang of it. Of course, with my Toko 4x5 cameras I use a Minolta hand-held meter, but my older, much smaller, manual-only buddies have taught me to ponder the meter's readings -- without accepting them blindly.

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    Re: Shooting Checklist

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post

    In fact, equally strong arguments can be made that LF is a much better way to learn photography than 35mm/medium formats. Learning is the key!
    Interesting you say that, Vaughn. I have often recommeded the use of large format as the best introduction to photography.

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    Re: Shooting Checklist

    Xkaes... yes. I love my Minox B!!! I'm going to try Rollei 80s with it. Should be interesting.

    But when I want to explore a new technique like intentionally shooting flare from light sources, shots low to the ground, shots portraying motion, or playing with artificial light sources and reflectors, reflections in pools of water or recurring patterns in man-made structures, I'll pull out the 35 and take a hundred shots creatively exploring everything my mind can come up with.

    It is not unlike stream of consciousness & brainstorming creative random thoughts are to a writer.

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    Re: Shooting Checklist

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    I learned to photograph with a Rolleiflex, and when I used 4x5 at the university a couple years later, I realized that I had been using the Rollei like a 4x5, just without the movements.
    I completely understand that.

    When I started in photography I shot 35mm. I would buy those rolls of 36 exposures because I read that was what the pros bought. I finally realized that if I slowed down and really thought about my subject I got a lot more keepers. I ended up buying 12 exposure rolls and wishing they made them in 6 exposures.

    For the OP, when you remove your dark cloth, get in the habit of draping it over the bellows if you are not all ready doing so. Just an added protection against light leaks.

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    Re: Shooting Checklist

    Quote Originally Posted by loonatic45414 View Post
    I suppose I wasn't specific enough.

    You'd be hard pressed to find someone with plenty of 35mm experience in their background who will tell you it didn't somehow greatly contribute to becoming a better photographer in LF and was instead a waste of time.

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    Polaroid made me a better LF photographer

    gone are the days when one can pick up a couple boxes of 52 and head to the studio to 'get that shot'

    digital is okay..but it's not the same looking at the small back screen... if you're shooting tethered maybe..but are not previewing with the exact lens you will be using with film


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