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Thread: John Sexton's Places of Power

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    Re: John Sexton's Places of Power

    I also ordered one. Really glad I hesitated on buying a used copy for nearly the same price.

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    Re: John Sexton's Places of Power

    just bought 2 copy's one for me and one as a gift

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    Re: John Sexton's Places of Power

    I have "Places of Power" and "Recollections". Both books have Photographer's Notes and Technical Information at the end which give a glimpse on HOW photographs were captured, processed and printed. The production quality is amazing, especially the "Recollections" which is expensive, but sets a true reference in publishing excellence IMO. I was lucky to see many of the original photographs in John's house in March (attended printing workshop) and these books really give that feeling ... and inspire to pursue LF with traditional silver gelatin process.

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    Re: John Sexton's Places of Power

    If you are into this genre, there are two other books by LF photographers that you might want to seek out.

    Structure by Tillman Crane concentrates on the order of physical things. Among the subjects he chose are water pumping stations in Boston.

    Industrial Interiors by Ferit Kuyas. Kuyas is a Turkish LF photographer whose subjects include various industrial facilities in Europe - power plants, breweries, food production facilities, etc. The most striking aspect of his photographs is how clean his subjects are - one assumes that he spent days sweeping and cleaning each site before making his photographs.

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    Re: John Sexton's Places of Power

    Still hesitating to purchase a copy of Places of Power, anyday now though!.
    But I'll Add to Louie's reccomendation that I think Michael A. Smith: A Visual Journey similarly contains excellent images, some process information, and excellent printing (lodima press).
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