Part of the issue here is that not everyone understands, or takes advantage of the features of the forum software.

At the top of each thread is the following header:

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If you click on "Display" different thread display modes can be selected:

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Although the system default is the Linear view, Threaded or Hybrid displays are options. In the threaded view, only a hierarchical view of the thread is displayed (along with the first post in the thread), showing who responded to whom, depending on whether the person responding clicked on "Reply" or "Reply with Quote" under the post to which they are responding, or clicked "Reply to Thread". Clicking on an item in that display will show that post.

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In the "Hybrid" display mode, the hierarchical view is displayed, along with all posts in a linear mode:

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Thus, quoting the post to which one is responding (and, thus, displaying the image again) isn't really necessary - IF the original poster switches to Threaded or Hybrid mode to see who responded to their post. But, in the Linear view, it gets very confusing.