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Thread: 3D sterio pairs using shifts and swings?

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    Re: 3D sterio pairs using shifts and swings?

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Bedo View Post
    Imagine looking at say, a small house with a front porch; the viewing position is center front. In a stereo pair of images, the image from the left will show the front door displaced a bit to the right and the porch steps angled a little to the right. The right side image will show the same displacements to the left. When these images are properly dislayed and viewed from the right distance with both eyes, the impression is a three dimensional view from a flat representation.

    There is no cropping or computer manipulation of a single image that I know of that will replicate that.

    Can someone chime in here with some theory or formulae to make me seem like I really know this stuff? Working with one eye pretty much blind and the other corrected to 20/200 here.
    True, Drew. I was thinking, but failed to write, that I have a vague recollection of doing something like that with the images swapped left-for-right to create a "false stereo effect". My memory, though is vague and I don't have the time or interest in doing the homework on it. Well, really I have interest... just no time to do anything more than write this post.

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    Re: 3D sterio pairs using shifts and swings?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrTang View Post
    Polaroid made an ID or passport camera with two lenses and a septum for side by side shots on polaroid sheet film at one time..I was going to see if I could make that into a 4x5 stereo camera
    i use an old polaroid / land portrait camera do do this.
    i've never tried using tilts and swings to do this, just moving
    the camera a little bit
    or using a camea with 2 lenses on it.

    not sure if you found this website drew:
    there are a few others out there dedicated to 3d "stuff"

    good luck !

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