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Thread: External Frame Backpack

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    Re: External Frame Backpack

    I have a Loewpro Super Trekker that is absolutely huge. It will carry my Toyo 45g, four lenses, Two bellows, extension rail, 12 film holders and still has room for more. It is anything but light, but is remarkably comfortable. It is adjustable to accommodate many sizes of people - I am 6' 5" and it fits me well. There are ample pockets on the inside, as well, for filters, cable releases, etc. I have been contemplating selling it so, if you would like to see some photos, send me a PM.

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    Re: External Frame Backpack

    Sorry that I will wet in the old conversation...
    Try it on before you buy it. The pack has to fit your body more then anything else that's why they make men and woman packs support on differen't parts.
    What type of gear do you want to carry? How much weight? and bulk? Pick a pack that will fit all your gear and fits you what pack that is doesn't mater as long as it fits you.
    You can use a Yukon backpack it's very cheap ie you need a tarp or a blanket and some rope. They work way better if you just use a frame and then wrap the pack up as long as you know how to pack it works well now it's not as nice as just being able to reach in and grab some gear like a normal backpack but it's less weight and you can carry more gear or food instead.
    I got this little Rokk brand pack frame off of ebay for working out with. That way I don't wear out my good mountain pack. I don't know if they make them anymore. I'm glad I got it because one of the bricks I carry wore through the old towel I had it wrapped in and then wore a hole through the pack. It works pretty well to simulate packing elk meat but it squeaks like crazy when you put over about 35 lbs in it. I've used it at 35 lbs, 45 lbs, 55 lbs and last night 69 lbs. I had no major complaints with it until I found out that with 69 lbs it was a little overloaded. The shoulder straps and waist belt kept working loose and I had to keep yanking them back tight. The mesh lumbar pad straps came loose and the bars were smashing against my back the entire second mile. There's no way to adjust those without taking the pack off so I just toughed it out. I guess I'll tighten it all up again before my next hike with 69 lbs.
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    Re: External Frame Backpack

    I used to use a Kelty. I got rid of the pack part and made my own carrier to fit the camera and the frame - as I recall it was a simple Masonite or Plywood sheet cut appropriately and had places to strap the camera and accessories and a fabric cover. Worked fine. I fell down a slope in Yosemite and the only damage was a slight bend in one of the focus drive shafts of the Linhof Kardan Bi. That was 45 years ago and the camera still has the slightly bent shaft and still works just fine. (I was taking the Ansel Adams workshop at the time.)

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    Re: External Frame Backpack

    Bragging rights, just like AA's bent nose!

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