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Thread: carbon printing

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    carbon printing

    Is there anybody else signed up for Sandy Kings carbon printing workshop? I am already signed up and looking forward to going to Montana at the end of June.

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    carbon printing

    Hi John

    I signed up for Sandy's workshop and D.M. Kennedy's palladium workshop the fallowing week. See you in Montana.


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    carbon printing

    Hi John,

    I am still planning to take the workshop! Just need to figure out some small stuffs here in Philadelphia before I can commit to it.

    Hopefully see you in Montana.


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    carbon printing

    I hope to see you all there. There are only 3 or 4 signed up now and they need at least 5 for the class to be a go. I'm bringing my 4X4 Dakota. I'll be going up into the mountains for shooting. I'll have room for a second.

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    carbon printing

    Can anybody relate there experiances at a past workshop given by Sandy? I've researched a little bit about the Carbon process and have heard many pluses about this process, can anyone add to this?

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