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Thread: 20х24" enlarger

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    Re: 20х24" enlarger

    Ah, Donchev cameras. Very nice.

    Those bent supports are a bit like Deardorff S11.

    Your plans are complex!

    Always dream big!

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    Re: 20х24" enlarger

    Quote Originally Posted by mamanton View Post
    No need to use any contrast filters, like Ilford, Foma or Kodak.

    We use Green for low contrast, Blue light for high contrast, Splitgrade printing for any contrast from 00 to 5 (1/10 step), plus mixing mode for usual work, and White light for focusing, and very useful Red safelight to put the masks before the exposure.
    And the timer includes f\stop mode and usual linear seconds (1/10 step also).
    I do the same... I placed a 100W RGB led inside a kaiser MF enlarger. I leave red always on, so when I throw blue I also throw the red, the red is just safe light but it allows to see better to dodge/burn... so rather than throwing blue and green I trow yellow and magenta, it's just the same from then paper's point of view

    well, let me repeat again than I'm atonished with your machine, it is something great to see the analog revolution in course !

    I'm very happy to feel that darkroom culture is experimenting a consistent revival...

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