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Thread: View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

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    Doug Dolde

    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    I couldn't help laughing at the current issue of View Camera. I tried finding Chas Cramer's article and when I looked at the Contents page I saw there were THREE articles all beginning on page 32 !

    Either the editor is blind or can't read or doesn't care or all of the above. It's a pity to blemish the 100th issue's Contents page with such a stupid error.

    Funny though how they notice when you haven't renewed and send notice after notice after notice that your subscription has expired.

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    Gee Doug what pithy commentary. Have you ever actually produced a magazine? I spent 3 years as the production manager of one, 3 years in printing and 3 years in advertising. And to put it succinctly, stuff happens.

    Since I read VC from cover to cover, I didn't spend time on the TOC. As a matter of fact, I never even looked at it. I did see some good portfolios and articles unavailable anywhere else. That's why I read it, why I subscribe, and why I'm responding to your post.

    Mispellings, errors and all, for me VC is worth the subscription price and more.

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    As a working photographer for a daily newspaper I can understand how these things happen. I also know a few readers tend to find that one mistake or two and immediately shout it out, disregarding everything done right.

    I started reading VC because I wanted to get into large format. I wanted information and the magazine provides it at a cost I can agree with. I received the renewal notice Saturday and I'll be sending it in without hesitation because I'm looking forward to the upcoming articles. I've never met Steve or any of the others who work on the magazine, but I think they do a fine a job and hope they continue. If such mundane things bother you that much, Doug, don't renew. Give it up. Quit reading it. Try starting your own. Read somethng else. Get a life. The choices are simple and endless.

    I wonder how many people can take a pile of words and photographs and put them into an attractive format on a deadline. Not to mention dealing with subscribers and advertisers. Also, try to have a ife. It is not an easy job and it takes a certain glutton for punishment to take it on. To say the editor doesn't care is not only plain wrong, it's a viscious criticism and it's undeserved.

    Have a nice day.
    "I meant what I said, not what you heard"--Jflavell

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    Funny how guys who take two hours to set up a camera and spend all day making one print are so forgiving of a magazine that has no hard deadline or any hard news... All they'd have to do is release a PDF or two to a volunteer (free) proofer for 24 hours...

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    I must confess to finding this increasingly annoying myself. I have some experience with the print production industry and know some of the difficulties involved. I also think it is nice to have a publication devoted to our pursuits, especially one which puts out good information and does not degenerate into a complete advertising driven rag. It doesn't even bother me when there are minor typos and errors. But when the text refers to Figs 3, 4 and 5 (the article on semi-stand developing), and they can't be found, it does make it difficult to follow along with what one is reading. Not trying to bash on anyone, but merely conveying some feedback. Cheers, DJ

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    I agree with DJ, I find it frustrating that the text refers to figures that don't exist in the semi-stand piece, and it's amusing to see Steinhour press referred to as "Stinkhorn press" multiple times in the Tillman Crane piece, (although probably not amusing to Steinhour). By pointing these things out I'm not trying to bash VC or Steve Simmons, and I think the majority of folks here feel the same. I like VC and I'm very glad it exists. Mistakes happen, but I think this is an area they could improve upon. I don't think there is any need to take a "love it or leave it" attitude towards posters who offer some feedback.

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    Why don't you folks who want to voice a complaint about View Camera send it directly to Steve? What do you have to gain by posting your dissatisfaction here on this forum? If the publication doesn't meet your expectations, merely stop reading it, or publish your own magazine. There, I said it, and I'm glad I got that off my chest this morning.

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    We do send a pdf of each article back to the authors and have been doing so for the last several issues. We also have added a proof reader for the last couple of issues but names are hard because they can primarily check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    With regards to the no deadline comment I am not sure what is meant by this. We have never missed an issue since we started in 1988. No hard news? We present news about the large format industry and activity as it happens.

    Yes, we make mistakes. When I read other maazines see mistakes in hm as well. It is a reality of the publishing business that mistakes are much more visible after the piece is printed.

    steve simmons

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    Or posted.....

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    View Camera Magazine Needs a Proofreader - Again

    Response to Eugene Singer,

    I have emailed VC and it's editor and never received an answer or acknowledgement.

    The last was a request for information regarding the conference in Springfield, MA. I phoned in a reservation and paid with a credit card. I was told that an acknowledgement would be mailed along with a form to request reservations for seats at the various lectures. I asked about portfolio reviews and was told that I would receive a form along with costs in the ssame packet. I am still waiting for this to arrive. I sent an email requesting acknowledgement and the above information. No response.

    The VC website states that this information would be available in the last issue, it is not.

    I am looking forward to the conference, but it seems to me that with a very little bit of effort on the part of the people at the magazine the experience could be made much more pleasant.

    Barry Trabitz

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