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Thread: View Camera has ceased publication

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    As a long-time suscriber, I'm sorry to hear this. As many of you know, Steve volunteered to act as a conduit to those of us who have had troubles with Barry Cochran, which only ceased when Cochran quit communicating with him. I can only imagine how difficult it was to try to maintain publishing in this day and age. He took a substantial hit when Cochran quit advertising with him, for example.

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    That's quite sad. It leaves 'Lenswork' as the last printed publication I'm subscribed to... 28 years isn't too bad though!

    Marc Morel

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    What?? Really??

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    I was going to bring this up in a separate post, but while I was in Edmonton, AB, I found a quarterly magazine from UK called "Hotshoe." It was mostly devoted to Don McCullin, one of my favorite film photographers. I'm thinking of subscribing to it--I'm impressed with this issue. Anyone know much about Hotshoe? And yes, sorry to see VC go. Steve is a great guy.

    Kent in SD
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    View Camera magazine ceasing publication

    Just saw this on APUG and looked here:

    Personally I'm very sorry to see this.


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    Re: View Camera magazine ceasing publication

    Going to miss the magazine, always enjoyed it.


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    Re: View Camera magazine ceasing publication

    stawastawa at gmail

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    I'm really sorry to hear this. I'm a subscriber and I loved the magazine.

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    Sad news. I'm not (wasn't) a subscriber. Instead, I picked up my copies off the magazine stand at one of the few Barnes and Nobles still operating. I've been stopping by looking for the latest issue and there has been no View Camera for a couple of months now. I was getting worried, and my fears have been verified. Won't be going to B&N as much anymore.

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    Re: View Camera has ceased publication

    Hello from France!

    I was one of the happy European subscribers to "View Camera".
    The last years, it was distributed here through a French retailer selling LF equipment. The guy retired, and I did not renew my subscription.
    I was not interested by the digital version, I like to have a real paper magazine in hands: I already spend too much time in front of a computer
    Admittedly, there is a problem with transatlantic postage costs, I do not remember the premium I had to pay to receive "View Camera" in France but certainly it was about 50% or the US price.

    The problem of vanishing advertising budgets is a common problem to newspapers and magazines in France, I guess it is the same in the US. So it is not a surprise, unfortunately, to see this problem of decreasing advertising support as one of the reasons for the end of a specialized paper magazine.

    I also was a subscriber to "Lens Work" for a while, but did not renew my subscription, because the magazine is (IMHO) aimed at showing portfolios and targets people who wish to sell their work, which I am not interested in.

    Regarding information relative to LF photography, I get my information from this forum and from the French web site and its companion forum which is not dedicated only to LF but also deals with medium format film photography and full-frame (24x36 mm) digital photography.
    The fact that our French forum is not restricted to LF has so far ensured that the forum has many visitors and contributors, unlike the Brirish LF forum, stricly restricted to film photography with a minimum film surface of 10x10 square centimeters.

    And regarding paper magazines, after I stopped my subscription to "View camera", I subscribed to the German paper magazine "Schwarzweiss" dealing with B&W photography, film and digital.

    Many examples of images published and discussed in "Schwarzweiss" are film images, and on a regular basis some of them are taken with a LF camera. "Schwarzweiss" is a relatively expensive magazine, 13.5 euro per issue, 6 issues per year, but the printing quality is superb, and there is very little advertising except 3 cover pages. You pay for what you read, exactly the opposite to "Shutterbug" where 75% of the magazine was a only advertising ;-)

    The problem of postage costs to send this European magazine over the Atlantic does not seem as critical as for "View camera"; the yearly subscription to "Schwarzweiss" is 78 euros (not cheap) and postage costs to "worldwide" is only 4 euros.

    Regarding film photography there is another German magazine, created in 2012, named "PhotoKlassik" dealing only with film cameras and images. Including LF of course but not only. 4 issues per year, 9.8 euro each, very little advertising inside, except cover pages.
    But those nice magazines are written in German

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