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Thread: Platinum prints from digital negatives

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    Re: Platinum prints from digital negatives


    To each his own. Better safer than sorry, but I quite commonly have 8x10 trays of 1% HCl sitting out and have zero problems. I prefer to not open the bottle of conc. indoors.

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    Re: Platinum prints from digital negatives

    One of my "quick by eye" digital negatives - made using PS and a Canon Pro 10 printer. I didn't use any curves, just made a quick adjustment of black and white points. I do have a densitometer so I check the negative's ink density range, very similar to my method of working with a film negative. Printed on COT 320 with Na2 process - about 5x7 image size.

    Aircraft radial engine cylinder head

    Click image for larger version. 

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