With Freestyle changing their LF & ULF films and Photo Warehouse saying they will be shortly as well (due apparently Ilford no longer selling big rolls to custom cutters/resalers) we will be losing my favorite 125 speed film in formats larger than 8x10.

I like to shoot the same film from 4x5 to 12x20 and if I have to change the bigger film it will carry over to the smaller.

What is available out there in these ULF formats that is closest in performance to FP4+? I like how it works & if I can't get it I want something as close as possible. Not something like Bergger that can't really be expanded. With any luck not some that have emulsions so sensitive they scratch if you blink in the darkroom.

Anyone with experience here is welcome and especially so if you have tried, tested & had good experience in a replacement that works well. It will be 6 months to a year before I will have to get more but when I do if I can't get what I am used to I will have to change. Might as well start getting info so I can check out the likely candidates.