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Thread: galaxy dry plate kickstarter

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    Re: galaxy dry plate kickstarter

    Nice to see they made their goal.

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    Re: galaxy dry plate kickstarter

    Quote Originally Posted by plywood View Post
    Looks interesting but, no spare change to spend on photo hobby this month. (Next several months really, gotta save.) I'll continue to shoot paper in 4x5 as a negative. With 8X10 grade 2, RC paper cut into four 4X5 sheets that is no more than 25 cents per negative, hung up to dry. What can I say, I'm cheap.
    But if I had the disposable income..........
    Xray film is even cheaper than paper. I think I figured it out to .09 for 4X5, .16 for 5X7 and the whole plate a grand cost of .26 per shoot.

    too many other projects on hand to start dry plate at this time. We did think about it though

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