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Thread: Help Identify a LF Lens A Hch Rieizsche

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    Help Identify a LF Lens A Hch Rieizsche

    I would like to hear from anyone who can help me identify and properly describe a large format lense I recently found.
    Information from the rim of the front lens:Linear-Anastigment Serie A No op 48 P= 120 mm DRPA Hch Rieizsche 1, Munchen No. 20427.
    Information from the rim of the back of lens:Linear-Anastigment Sie A No 00F 4.5 F=90mm DRP AH Rietzschel , Munchen 15951
    D.R.P. Compound D.R.G.M.
    Shutter speeds from ALL Open to 1/250 second. F Stops from 4.8 / 6.3 / 7.7/ 11 / 15 / 22 / 32.
    <LI>Date of manufacture ?
    <LI>Manufacturer ?
    <LI> Proper Format ?
    <LI> Would this be considered a Portrait Lens?
    <LI> Or could it be used for general photography?
    <LI>What is proper term for "board that hold the lens and shutter?
    <LI> Is it's size important ?
    <LI> Rare not rare ?

    This is not my area of expertise, though I collect photographic images, and enjoy taking photographs.
    Thank you to all who read and help.

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    Help Identify a LF Lens A Hch Rieizsche

    I can help a little. Rietzschel became lpart of AGFA in 1925, so your lens has to be older than that. The lens was designen in 1898. Rietzchel was a camera and optics maker in Munich, Germany (In German, "Munchen", with an umlaut over the "U").

    "DRP" means German Patent, and DRGM, German registered trademark.

    The lens is a triple convertible type with each cell composed of four elements, somewhat similar to the much better known Zeiss Protar Series VII, but with a different arrangement of the elements. It is a general-purpose lens rather than a portrait type.)

    The combination of the two focal length cells you indicate would be very short, so the format would be a small one.

    The board that holds the lens and shutter is called a "lensboard".

    It is much more "rare" than many items described as such on eBay, but that doesn't mean as much as it should.

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    Help Identify a LF Lens A Hch Rieizsche

    Tom -

    This is from the Lens Vade Mecum about your lens:

    "A. Hch. Rietzschel Gmbh., Aberlestrasse 18, Munich, Germany. This was an old firm, dating from 1896, and making or supplying cameras as well as lenses. It seems to have traded steadily until in the 1920's it was absorbed into the Agfa company who initially sold their products as 'Rietzschel' with Rietzschel f6.8 and f7.5 lenses."

    Your lens, the Series A, is probably this one:
    "An f4.5/9cm in a dialset Compur (of about 1924-5) illuminated 5x4 and the 6x9 area was well resolved, the sharp area spreading out on closing down and at f16 it was a very decent semiwide angle lens as a 9cm covers 5x4in with movements, with really good contrast and sharpness, which makes the design worthwhile as it does have that touch of speed in the centre."

    On 4x5 a 90mm lens is considered a wide angle lens. Probably not well suited for portraits, but perfect for landscape work and some architecture.

    The proper term for the "board that holds the lens and shutter" is lens board. Nothing fancy. It's just called a lens board.

    I hope this helps.

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