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Thread: 240 options for 8x10

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    240 options for 8x10

    Lots of good answers. It seems you have several options, new and old, small and large, to consider. One more you might want to look for is the 240mm f9 Germinar-W. It is very similar to the G Claron in terms of size and coverage, but is a newer design that is multicoated. Like the G Claron, if you can find one in a barrel mount, the cells will screw right into a standard Copal No. 1 shutter.


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    240 options for 8x10

    Nobody's mentioned the old Schneider Symmar 240/5.6 convertible, so I'll just mention it.

    Works fine, cheap, convertible, tight but adequate coverage. Comes most often in a Compur #2 shutter, same size as the 165/6.8 Angulon which is also nice...

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    240 options for 8x10

    Why don't try the Nikkor-W 240mm/5.6? It's a truly excellent lense for a 8x10 photographer. The coverage is very similar to the Apo- Symmar 240mm/5.6 as well.

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    240 options for 8x10

    What about the Rodenstock 240/5.6 APO Sironar N - it does not have quite the same image circle as the S, but should give room for some movement on 8x10. Rodenstock claims the image circle to be 350mm at f22. Used prices seem to be reasonable on the "N".

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    240 options for 8x10

    Juergen - I've tested both the Apo-Sironar-N and the Apo-Sironar-S, and found that the extra 3 degrees of coverage with the S made a big difference in usability on a lens with such a wide view - I tend to use a lot of front rise with short lenses on squarish formats, and frequently ran out of coverage with the N. I ended up buying the S. Of course, Rob's mileage may vary, depending on what he likes to photograph and on his compositional habits.

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