Hi All,

I know the following is not large format, but I figure large format people have the most experience on the subject so I hope ya'll don't mind;

I have a Rolleiflex 2.8E3 in near-new condition except for a blemish on the rear lens element of the taking lens about 4mm in diameter. I have had the lens cleaned and inspected by a highly regarded camera repair person. The blemish is more that just dirt, and is some form of damage to the lens surface.

I know the common widsom is that a small blemish does not affect image quality. However, such blemishes do dramatically affect resale value, and I would like to restore the lens of this nice example of one of the rarer Rolleiflex's to compliment the rest of the camera's condition.

I am considering having the lens coating removed and reapplied by Focal Point in Colorado to remove the blemish. I have alwyas heard that Focal Point has a very good reputation when it comes to such repairs, and the people at Focal Point have assured me that a recoating would not degrade the lens' performance.

In contrast to Focal Point's comments, I have read a few posts about how removing and reapplying a lens coating will change the lens surface geometry enough to have a negative impact on images produced by the lens. However, most of the comments seemed to based more on theory and less on actual experience with such a procedure performed by Focal Point.

I assume that Focal Point's good reputation is well-earned and they do high quality work. In other words, I am not concerned about the obvious ill effects of a poor recoating job.

Does anyone have personal experience, or know of someone with personal experience in having a lens element recoated? Good results? Bad results? Will a carefully recoated lens perform as new, or worse?