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Thread: Affordable printer for digital negatives

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    Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    Quote Originally Posted by bobbotron View Post
    I ended up buying a 1430. I've had good success with it, they might look thin but they block UV light for cyanotype really well.
    That's great!!

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    Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    Does anyone have any direct experience with the Epson SureColor P400? (as opposed to the P600 and P800 mentioned a bunch in here)
    Any feedback would be great appreciated.

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    Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    I don't think this would be a very good option for the inks it uses. There are no light black dilutions so all the blocking density would be coming from the PK and color inks. You will get spotty/grainy midtones and highlights if you use the OEM inks.

    You might be able to put in an all gray inkset in there, but for the money, it would be better to go with something like the 1430 and use a dedicated inkset, or a refurbished 3880 and switch to PiezoDN or leave it UCK3 and use my new QuickCurve-DN system.
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    Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    Quote Originally Posted by sanking View Post
    Considerable difference in price between the 1430 (about $300 USD) and the Epson P800 ($1300 USD). That would be important to some. Then, you get a 17" wide negative with the P800, limited to 13" with the 1430. Third, you would be able to make digital negatives with the Epson inkset of the P8000, using either the Epson driver or QTR, with the 1430 you would need to run QTR with a third party ink all gray ink set to get sufficient blocking density for most alternative processes. Still, if one is looking to get into digital negatives as inexpensively as possible the 1430 is probably the way to go, assuming you would want to use QTR for maximum control negative production. And you have something of a turn key system with the new PiezoDN system for the 1430 so you don't have to write your own profiles.

    BTW, the pizza wheel guides contact OHP on the ink side so the protector you mention would not help in this regard. Unfortunately marks from the pizza wheels are going to be an issue with all of the Epson photo printers, including the 3880 and P800. The only solution I found was to remove the wheels, which may or may not introduce other problems.

    I have been researching the sc-p800 myself for digi - negs, by chance I went to one of the 3rd party ink supply sites to look for cheaper alternatives to the AU$600 plus quote for inks, they were also selling a door switch for the p800?? Interest aroused I investigated further, the shortcut will lead you to the story, but basically it stops those pizza/pinwheels from engaging, the site is for the 3880. There is also a you tube vid showing how to re-use the old maintenance cart. Has made up my mind to get the P800 (hopefully the same for the p800 as claimed)

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    Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    Hi everybody,
    i wanted to reopen this thread because i am also looking for a printer to make own negatives
    for palladium prints. i like the p600 (maximum i can afford and makes good "normal" paper prints),
    and would like to ask the people who have the printer, if the issues are still occuring and if you
    would still recommend it?

    How is the experience with the piezography? For what i saw on the first glance, the inks and so on are really expensive. It is only for black and white, right? Is it easy to switch between the inks, for example once the inks from piezography
    are empty?

    thanks a lot for your help and answers


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    Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    Can't answer your question about piezography, but my P600 does work really well. I've had no problems since it was solved. (I couldn't get it to print on film).
    I've heard great things from friends and other artists that piezography works great. Sorry I can't answer that fully.


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