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Thread: Wollensak #4 Studio Shutter

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    Wollensak #4 Studio Shutter

    quick question - how to disassemble a Wollensak #4 Studio Shutter ? there is surprisingly not much information on this topic. the only useful hint i could find is "top comes off after you remove the upper lens barrel".
    do you unscrew the top somehow or how ? i have 2 of these shutters and nothing moves on both of them, perhaps they are stuck or i am missing something ?

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    Re: Wollensak #4 Studio Shutter

    unscrew the ring that the front lens screws into
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    Re: Wollensak #4 Studio Shutter

    did that already. then what ? the top part of the shutter with the aperture scale - is it supposed to get unscrewed also ?

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