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Thread: Compendium Bellows Lenshood for Sinar Norma Cameras

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    Compendium Bellows Lenshood for Sinar Norma Cameras

    Mentioned in a previous thread, I picked up a Sinar Norma camera at a recent swap meet in Kent Wa. A friend had also purchased a Norma, and it seemed obvious that, by getting the rods, clips, and an extra bellows, one could use the Sinar front standard for attaching the standard Sinar, compendium lenshood arrangement. Unfortunately, as a result of one of the few accessory discrepancies between the Norma and more recent models, the bellows was rotated by about 15 degrees. So, it wouldn't properly shade the negative.

    After my brief excursion with a Toyo G rail system, I still had a compendium lenshood for that camera. Marrying this compendium lenshood with a Sinar Norma supplemental standard that I received with the camera, I think that I have a solution which is actually better than Sinar's approach.

    It's pretty well illustrated in the three photos. The Toyo lenshood has a few extra parts attached that I removed: the rail system that enables one to extend the bellows in front of the lens, and an attachment on the rear for filters or something. In particular, removing the latter leaves four holes that match up perfectly with the grooves in the Sinar supplemental standard. So, there was no need to drill any holes in the Toyo lenshood in order to attach it. I also needed to remove the top and bottom sliders on the Sinar standard that hold bellows in place. The width of the Toyo bellows is a perfect fit for the Sinar standard. In the third photo, you can see the holes that I drilled in the standard in order to attach lenshood.

    A benefit of the Sinar standard, is that it can be adjusted to be quite close to the front standard of the camera. My contrived Sinar-Toyo compendium lenshood will work well with super wide lenses. Plus, the adjustments available in the Sinar standard make it possible to place the lenshood where needed.

    The hole on the rear of the lenshood is large enough to insert a variety of attachments for holding resin or gel filter holders.

    Here are a few extra comments:

    o I used four, #4, 5/8" bolts. I placed two washers on each bolt between the standard and the lenshood.

    o I needed a cobalt bit to drill through the metal on the Sinar Standard. I believe that it was about a 9/64ths bit. You can see the four holes drilled in the standard in the 3rd photo. The holes in the grooves on the standard line up perfectly with the existing holes in the Toyo lenshood.

    o I cut a 5.5" square, black mat board to have a 4x5 aspect ratio cutout for better framing of the negative. You can see this matboard in the lower left of the third photo.

    o I removed the Toyo logo on the lenshood. By mounting the lenshood onto the standard upside- down, the metal potion that holds the logo serves as a sort of a barrier, if the lensgood is lowered too low on the standard.

    o A caution, the distance between the two existing holes on the left side on the Toyo lenshood was different than that for the two holes on the right side.

    I must say, I'm pleased with the final result. It's relatively lightweight, easy to attach and remove, and it will adjust to just about any lens that I need to shade.
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