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Thread: Do not forget to close old FS listings...

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    Re: Do not forget to close old FS listings...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bodine View Post
    Guys, I think we can put this to bed now. I went to my profile and clicked on the link to all my latest started threads. Up came 37 hits and I was able to close all my old FS threads that needed to be closed. It was a bit labor intensive, though, because each time I closed a thread I had to go back to profile and regenerate the list of threads. When a thread was closed it hold me to that thread, rather than let me backspace to the list. Glad I only to do this one time, but it's done now. Thanks for your help.
    If you had opened each listing in a new pane/tab/window, you wouldn't have to regenerate the list each time.


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    Re: Do not forget to close old FS listings...

    Jerry, thanks for going to the trouble to tidy up. Wish our software weren't so klunky... < sigh >

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