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Thread: Will I have issues with this lens board now?

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    Re: Will I have issues with this lens board now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Graves View Post
    Remember ... every time you use rise/fall or shift you move the lens off-center. Having it mounted slightly off-center shouldn't be a problem.
    As an aside, I sometimes purposely mount a lens on a board with a hole that is not "centered" to the camera, but a bit higher (specifically using center-drilled Technika boards instead of the offset boards; these latter are "centered" to the camera, the center-drilled boards mount the lens a bit higher than centered to the camera). This allows me to squeeze a little extra rise out of the camera before I run out of front rise. Similarly, I can often mount a lens on an offset board upside-down on the camera to accomplish the same thing. I've often thought that a design with a square lens board that could be mounted in all positions and a mounting hole drilled off-center to the camera center would enable a bit extra rise and shift than the camera movements themselves would allow with a centered lens. This would be convenient for those of us who are constantly running out of rise and shift on our wooden folders...



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    Re: Will I have issues with this lens board now?

    Quote Originally Posted by SoulfulRecover View Post
    If I tighten it down, it wont move anywhere. Just didn't know if it was off center would cause an issue. I would think the image circle would be large enough that it could handle a small shift to a side. I was thinking about maybe adding a little black felt between the board and lens ring just incase there is a light issue as well.
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    Re: Will I have issues with this lens board now?

    Metal lens board? Or is it wood?
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    Re: Will I have issues with this lens board now?

    Had the same thing happened when I drilled out the Copal #1 board on my Arca Swiss for my 15" Wollensak which is in an Ilex #4 shutter. The hole is a bit above center but I have enough rise/fall and enough coverage from that particular lens that it works out just fine.

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