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Thread: New HABS HAER HALS 100% cotton digital print requirements.

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    Re: New HABS HAER HALS 100% cotton digital print requirements.

    Quote Originally Posted by jnanian View Post
    ( sorry for the mild detour !! )
    I live for detours...
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    Re: New HABS HAER HALS 100% cotton digital print requirements.


    The problem with the thicker papers in the P600 is that my printer head hits the sides of the thicker cotton sheets when using the multi-sheet feeder because the paper is not bending as sharply upon intake

    I print on Canon printers and can adjust the height of the print head based on what type of paper I am using. Once I raised the print head height I no longer had any issues with head strikes on higher gsm papers (fingers crossed). You can also use a device like this one to change the curve of the paper. Using this roller will allow you to put enough of a curve to the paper that when it is flattened in the printer the edge of the paper is ever so slightly lower in relation to the print head so the head won't strike the edge.

    When I was speaking of profiles I was referring to custom printer profiles, meaning a custom printer/paper profile. You should of course have you monitor calibrated (I do as well) but both the number of colors and breadth of your grey scale will be greatly improved with the right printer/paper profile. I have found manufacturer profiles have been inferior when compared to a well done custom profile. You are probably aware that the goal of all these profiles is to get both your monitor and printer as close to the International Color Consortium (ICC) standard as possible. When both the monitor and paper are profiled correctly the results are can be amazing. Not to mention saving a lot of time and money on ink and paper.


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