Hi there, a question from a relative newcomer, about the visualization and practicability of a specific shot.

Here is a wide-angle shot I took on full-frame digitial a couple of years back, with Nikon D800E and Zeiss 21mm Distagon. The location is St. Blane's Church, Isle of Bute, Scotland, overlooking the Isle of Arran. I will be revisiting in August (annual family holiday).

Since I've now sold the Zeiss lens as I moved into LF territory, I'm wondering how feasible it would be to shoot this on large format (Linhof Technikardan S45).

The original shot was a complex, and not altogether satisfactory, one to process, being a blend of four focus-stacked shots at f/7.1 for depth of field, and one exposure blend to deal with the complex sky.

I can see two problems for large-format wide angle (my current wide-angle is a Nikkor SW75, with bag bellows): first, the balancing of the sky against the trees and foreground. Grads might work but I'm not certain; second, I'm wondering what movements or techniques (including selection of aperture) would be able to control the depth of field required to get the gravestone, plus everything else, in focus. Others may envisage other difficulties!
Thanks in advance,