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Thread: chair-mounted head rest

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    chair-mounted head rest

    I was messing about in the shop this morning and made this chair-mounted head rest. It is held in place with a captured wedge (although the wedge is only captured when the rest is on the chair, so I will probably lose it quick). This was a proof of concept, and works fairly well, but perhaps others will have ideas for improvements.Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: chair-mounted head rest

    I like the wedge. I would lose it, though. Perhaps rigging some kind of cam clamp might be more convenient. Think bicycle quick release.

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    Re: chair-mounted head rest

    A handy device. Perhaps the other side of that bolt could secure a a 90 degree angle alloy section, with a second (smaller) pivot bolt as high up as possible so that the wedge rotates in to the locking gap, parallel to the chair back? The 'wedge' section thereby rotating about the second pivot bolt, mounted on the alloy piece, at right angles to the axis of the main bolt in your picture.

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    Re: chair-mounted head rest

    This project got me thinking... don't guitar shops and musical instrument stores have "U" shaped rests / holders for musical instruments? Couldn't one be jury rigged to us as a head rest?

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